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Pacific Oaks College    
2011-2012 PO Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
  Jun 15, 2024
2011-2012 PO Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [Archived Catalog]

Student Resources

Center for Student Achievement, Resources and Enrichment (CARE)

The Center for Student Achievement, Resources and Enrichment (CARE) provides services, support and resources to assist students in reaching their academic and professional goals. The Center team helps students plan, organize and enhance their writing assignments. Students who feel that they need help with their writing skills, reading skills, or just need someone to discuss their ideas with should contact the Center for assistance. Students who require assistance writing their thesis should contact their thesis committee for assistance.

The Center assist students in clarifying career goals and objectives, explore career opportunities, and enhance their job search techniques. Assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, and time management are available through the Center. Students can receive individual assistance or participate in group activities through the various workshops offered. In addition, students seeking employment opportunities can benefit from the Center’s employment resources and on-line career resources.

The CARE team is also available to assist students with preliminary degree audits, special needs accommodations, international student support, student concern issues, and used book resources. Please contact the CARE team at (626) 397-1338 or (626) 397-1343 for assistance.  Additional information can also be found on the CARE page.


Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body.   The purpose of the SGA is to serve as a representative group for the students of the College including: representing the student body’s voice, views, and interests and enhancing communication and fellowship among students, faculty, and administration at the College.

The membership of the SGA consists of all students currently registered in degree seeking programs at the College. Any student not enrolled for one semester will maintain active membership for that semester. Student involvement is essential and students are encouraged to participate in student government.


Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three At-Large Members (one from each of the College’s three Academic Departments). Student Council members advocate and represent the needs of the SGA as set forth in the SGA Constitution. Student Council elections occur in May of each year. Student council members maintain office for a term of one year.

The governance of Pacific Oaks College Student Government is outlined in its Governance document and bylaws available here: Student Government Constitution and Bylaws  


Electronic Resources

Student Email Accounts

Pacific Oaks student mail Website - The web based e-mail system provides all students with a universal and cross functional operating system accessible electronic mail to facilitate an efficient medium of active communication. The school uses the Pacific Oaks issued email accounts for all official student correspondence by faculty, staff and students.Students will be held responsible for any and all email content sent to this email address.  Please use the web address listed below to login.

 Pacific Oaks e-mail offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced security and reliability for electronic mail correspondence.
  • Access to e-mail anywhere a supported browser has access to the Internet (Work, Home, Internet kiosk, etc.).
  • SPAM filtering and tagging.

The system requires that students log into their account at least once every ninety (90) calendar days. After ninety (90) calendar days of email account inactivity, the Pacific Oaks email system will begin automatically deleting any emails that are older than ninety (90) calendar days. It is imperative that all students check their Pacific Oaks email accounts to prevent any automated email deletions. It is every student’s responsibility to frequently monitor correspondence to their Pacific Oaksemail account.


Computer Labs   

The Pacific Oaks College provides access for students to the Pacific Oaks Network for academic, research, or study purposes only. The Network is a valuable but limited resource, which must be shared with others. It is the student’s responsibility to use the facilities in an efficient, ethical, legal, and responsible manner, in accordance with the Conditions Of Use of Computing, Learning and Network Facilities   and Appropriate Behavior Policy specified below. Grossly improper behavior may be grounds for termination of your access or subject to other penalties and/or restrictions, which could include disciplinary actions

Computing Labs are provided for Pacific Oaks College students only. Students must carry a Photo ID at all times while using the labs. OIT Help Desk staff has the right to deny access to the Labs to anyone without proper identification.


Appropriate Behavior

Students who access the Pacific Oaks Network and the Internet are expected to comply with guidelines based on the use of good manners and common sense. Each student is required to:

  1. Always acknowledge electronic mail.
  2. Limit your email to a single screen of text where possible.
  3. Do not send large files as email attachments.
  4. Do not use offensive language.
  5. Be polite to other users of the Internet.
  6. Respect others’ right to privacy.
  7. Comply with the Conditions Of Use of Computing, Learning and Network Facilities  policy.


Laboratory Etiquette

  1. No food, drink, or cigarettes are to be consumed in the laboratories.
  2. Avoid excessive noise and/or loud or obscene language.
  3. Turn off or set to silent or vibrate all Cell phones and/or pagers.
  4. Cell phone conversations should be conducted outside the laboratories.
  5. The number of workstations is limited. Please limit your sessions to 30 minutes.
  6. Please be courteous to staff and fellow users.
  7. Game playing is not acceptable. Computer game playing either from the computer or internet is prohibited unless written authorization is granted by your instructor.
  8. You are required to comply with any instruction by a Pacific Oaks staff member or Lab Assistant.


Student Identification Card Policy

New campus based students should have their photos taken for a Pacific Oaks Student Identification Card as soon as they register, pay their fees, and have received an enrollment receipt (via mail or email). The student shall carry the card at all times while on campus once issued. On-line and Distance Learning students should contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information on how to obtain a Student Identification Card.

For students attending classes at Pacific Oaks Pasadena location, photos are taken in the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours. Students must bring a copy of their current enrollment receipt and another form of photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.). The Pacific Oaks Student Identification Card is required for most Pacific Oaks’ services and can be used in subsequent semesters when properly validated. Unauthorized use, forgery, or alteration of a Pacific Oaks’ Student Identification Card is strictly prohibited and subject to appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in below.

The cost for ID cards is included in college fees. There is a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. 


Access to Campus Buildings/Unauthorized Entry

Pacific Oaks is a private institution and its campuses, facilities, buildings and properties are private property. Access to Pacific Oaks, its campus, facilities, buildings, offices, and properties during normal business hours are permitted only with Pacific Oaks’ consent which may be withdrawn at any time for any reason. Pacific Oaks gives implied permission to persons with genuine and legitimate purposes to enter and remain on its premises during normal business hours. That permission is, however, conditional upon the person behaving in a manner consistent with any policies or procedures Pacific Oaks may have in place. Where those policies or procedures are not observed, Pacific Oaks is within its rights to withdraw permission and request the person leaves its premises.


Reservation of Facilities for Student Use

Students and student organizations requesting the use of any facility as an internal user must follow the Facilities Reservation Guidelines  

Classroom space is held for classes as the first priority. All requestors should be aware that their first choice of a particular room may not be available.


Solicitation and Conduct of Business on Pacific Oaks Property

No student or student organization may serve as the agent or representative of any off-campus agency for the purpose of selling or promoting the sale of goods or services on the Pacific Oaks campus unless written approval is given by the Vice President of Administration, or designee All fund-raising must be approved by the Vice President of Administration, or designee.



In order to promote an environment of order and cleanliness on campus, students, employees and approved campus organizations are required to obtain appropriate approval prior to posting materials on campus bulletin boards. Students and student organizations and individuals seeking to post materials relating to student organizations, student related announcements, and housing resourcesmust obtain prior approval from the Center for Student Achievement, Resources and Enrichment (CARE) Office. Employees seeking to post materials shall obtain approval from the Facilities Manager. 

At no time shall any materials be posted on the walls of any building (inside or out) at any site, windows, doors, glass, vehicle windshields, trees, or painted walls. Materials posted in these areas will be removed. Failure to contact CARE prior to posting material will result in the removal of unapproved materials from campus grounds. 

No off-campus individuals or groups may use campus bulletin boards without approval. The person or campus organization responsible for posting the materials will also be responsible for removing them at the posting deadline. Failure to comply with this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Please Note: Damage to any walls or surfaces, caused by posting notices in areas other than on campus bulletin boards may result in the individual, department, or organization responsible for said posting incurring burdensome repair expenses.


Student Health Insurance 

Students attending Pacific Oaks College are encouraged to evaluate their current health insurance coverage. Confidence in the ability to receive adequate services in the event of sickness or injury is critically important to the overall academic experience. Pacific Oaks College has chosen Gallagher Koster as the Plan Administrator to offer a comprehensive student health insurance plan that is customized specifically with the needs of students in mind. The plan is voluntary for domestic students and mandatory for international students. Exceptions do apply, so please visit the Gallagher Koster website for additional information:


Domestic Students

Pacific Oaks College offers a voluntary comprehensive student health insurance plan. Domestic students who are actively enrolled and designated by Pacific Oaks College as full time or taking at least eight credit hours are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis. This plan is not currently available for online-blended students. For more information or to enroll, please visit:


International Students

At Pacific Oaks College, it is required for all international students to have some form of comprehensive health insurance coverage. Pacific Oaks College in partnership with Gallagher Koster, offers a comprehensive student health insurance plan. All international students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. International students who currently have health insurance that is equal to or greater than the Pacific Oaks College sponsored plan may apply to waive enrollment in the college-sponsored insurance plan. For more information or to review the waiver process, please visit:


Hybrid Online and Part-time Students

Additional health insurance options are available to students from other independent providers. Links to some independent providers can be found on the Pacific Oaks website. The plans and providers listed are not directly affiliated with or managed by Pacific Oaks College. Students are encouraged to compare the plans before choosing one to ensure that the offered coverage best suits individual needs.


Library Policies

Library patrons have a variety of resources and services available both on-site and remotely. To protect the integrity of library services, the following guidelines are presented en brief. Students are advised to consult the library’s website for detailed information on library policies and procedures. Policies and processes may undergo revision at any time.


Library Privileges

The Library’s collections are intended to serve the research needs of students, faculty, and staff of Pacific Oaks College. Alumni and community members may purchase a user card for an annual fee: in accordance with vendor agreements and contracts, alumni and community borrowers are not allocated access to licensed databases where such activity is prohibited.

Pacific Oaks ID cards functions as Library cards. Student ID cards are issued by the Registrar’s Office. Use of library services implies patron agreement to all library regulations. Verification of enrollment is required and as such, this process may necessitate coordination with other campus offices: registration for library services is not immediate and patrons are advised to contact the library early in order to ensure timely access to collections and resources.

Certain materials do not circulate (reference items, etc.) and may be limited to onsite/library use only. 

The Library provides student workstations that include productivity software and internet access. Additionally, photocopiers and scanners are provided for student use, as is a multimedia room for the viewing of educational, video material.


Circulation Policies

Borrowers’ Responsibilities

In order for an account to be considered in good standing, library patrons must:

  1.  Present a valid student ID card in order to borrow materials. 
  2. Keep track of all items borrowed and know their due dates.  
  3. Return or renew materials on or before the due date; the borrower is responsible for the safe return of all borrowed material until the time of check-in. 
  4. Return materials to the library without evidence of defacement (including underlining, highlighting or writing/notations be they in pen, pencil or other), or damage. 
  5. Notify the Library immediately of changes to patron contact information - returned mail may result in a temporary suspension of privileges. 
  6. Notify the Library and the Registrar’s Office immediately regarding stolen or lost student ID cards. 
  7. Respond to library notices (when applicable), and pay fines/charges as applicable.

Please note: Library staff will not mediate disputes caused by the unauthorized lending-borrowing of books between library patrons or patrons and third parties. Item fees and costs are assessed to the account under which the materials were acquired. Patrons are strongly advised not to engage in inter-patron or third party lending of materials.

Patrons are responsible for any items acquired with their ID cards; therefore, it is of critical importance that lost/stolen ID cards are reported immediately.


Expiration and Renewal of Library Privileges

Withdrawn, dropped, dismissed or inactive students may experience a suspension of library services until such time as they are actively enrolled. This does not affect due dates for items checked-out during a period of active enrollment.  


Loan Periods and Due Dates

Due dates are established at the time of checkout, though students are advised to review the Library’s complete policies as detailed on its website(s) for the most current due date schedule. Materials may be renewed via email, by phone, in person, or online. Items requested by other students cannot be renewed and must be returned by their original due date. Distance students enjoy the same library privileges as onsite students, and circulating materials can be mailed to any student by request. Fees for delivery and return (where applicable) are incurred by the borrower on a flat-fee schedule. For the current shipping/delivery fees, please consult the Library’s website.


Fines & Fees

Library fines for books accrue daily. Separate fees for books vs. other materials may apply. Fines for reserve materials are assessed for each hour or part of an hour that an item’s return is delayed. Fees are additionally assessed on a per-item basis. For a current schedule of fees, please consult the Library’s website.

Lost, damaged or defaced items incur fees equal to the cost of replacement plus a $20 materials processing fee.

All fines/fees are assessed to the patron’s student account: the Library does not accept direct payment for charges. Questions regarding Library charges may be answered via the Library’s website or by phone/in person at the Circulation Desk.

Unpaid Library fines/fees may result in temporary suspension or permanent disbarment



The Library may provide borrows with account notices, however, this is a courtesy and borrowers are responsible for return of materials, even if notices are not received. The Library’s policy with regard to non-receipt of notices also applies to individuals who are out of town or temporarily removed from contact.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The Pacific Oaks Library participates in resource sharing opportunities around the globe. For items not held by the Library, students may request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Through this process, Library staff request items from other libraries - since these libraries may be out of state, across the nation or, as in some cases, in other countries, ILL requests take time and planning. Furthermore, the timeliness of request response, due date, shipping rate, etc., are at the discretion of the lending library, and are not controlled by Pacific Oaks Library staff. Some items, due to obscurity or limitations of use may not be obtainable or may carry conditions of use or format. ILL requests have unique costs which are outlined on the Library’s website.


Reference Services

Reference and instructional staff are available by appointment or on a drop-in basis via email, phone, in person or online. Assistance with topic-specific research on a drop-in basis is available only when reference/instructional staff are not scheduled for other teaching or reference activities.


Research Resources

Each student is afforded personal, login credentials that allow access to the college’s academic databases. Among its more notable database selections are EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete, EJS (electronic journals), PsycArticles,  PsycBooks, PsycInfo, PsyCritique, Mental Measurements Yearbook, the PEP Archive, Social Sciences Citation Index, ProQuest Theses & Dissertations, as well as a host of other repositories. Library staff strongly encourage students to become familiar with these databases immediately upon admission. It is unwise to wait until an impending research due date looms near: students are advised to begin exploring research resources before course assignments are distributed.


Statement on Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources

Pacific Oaks complies with all state and federal laws that apply to internet use and/or utilization of electronic resources. Additionally, database or other software vendor restrictions, limitations and conditions are upheld and enforced. Library patrons are prohibited from: 

  1. Sharing passwords, login credentials or other access-granting information
  2. Publishing restricted information to the internet as a private individual or a Pacific Oaks community member
  3. Distributing via its networks or posting copyrighted information without expressed permission from copyright/distribution/intellectual property right holders.
  4. Using the Library’s systems or networks to explore/browse/download inappropriate content
  5. Using the Library’s systems or networks to download materials unrelated to education at Pacific Oaks (personal use)
  6. Using the Library’s systems or networks to harass, embarrass, stalk others or attempt to engage others via continued, expressed unwanted contact
  7. Using the Library’s systems or networks for commercial purposes or personal, financial gain
  8. Engaging in activities which violate state or federal law
  9. Engaging in activities which violate any of Pacific Oaks College’s existing policies

Violation of any of these conditions may result in termination of Library privileges. Additional guidelines for use of computers and networks exist within the college’s computer resource and technology use policies.


Collection Development, Acquisitions Criteria and Academic Freedom

The Library’s Collection Development, Acquisitions Criteria, and Academic Freedom policies are available via the Library’s website. The Library encourages the Pacific Oaks Community to be familiar with these policies as they provide an understanding of the academic environment under which the Library operates.


Support Services Directory


Admissions Office


(626) 397-1349 or (800) 684-0900


Business Office

(626) 397-1311



Center for Student Achievement, Resources & Enrichment (CARE)

(626) 397-1343

E-mail: CARE_


On-line Writing Assistance

Blake Anthony


Facilities and Campus Security

Main (626) 786-2237


Financial Aid Office

(626) 397-1350 (information Line)



Library Services

(626) 397-1355



Registrar’s Office

(626) 397-1342 (Information Line)

(626) 685-2531 (Fax)



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