Reflection on Life Experience   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 PO Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

HD 489 - Reflection on Life Experience

3 credits
This class is open to any student admitted to the BA program. To earn credit for HD-489 the student must produce four 2-part reflection papers and two presentations, communicating in writing and orally to the members of the seminar, including the instructor. Each presentation is based on a selected segment of the student's life experience, at least half a year in length, and follows the guidelines detailed in the course description. Pacific Oaks students bring a breadth of diverse life experiences to the college. This class provides an opportunity for reflecting, conceptualizing, and clearly communicating, in papers, portfolio and one presentation, what they have learned about human development from selected life experiences. Papers must demonstrate deep engagement with the topics as evidenced by the ability to articulate the developmental nuances, subtleties, themes, and patterns present in the student's life. Writing is shared, mutually edited, and rewritten in a skill-building process. Class members are expected to participate actively in creating a learning community, practicing the skill of giving and receiving feedback. If desired, this class can serve as the basis for receiving credit for life experience (CLE) and as part of requirements for the waiver of the BA degree for admission to the MA program. For further information see catalog under Credit for Life Experience.