Early Childhood Themes and Life Cycle Issues   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 PO Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

HD 300 - Early Childhood Themes and Life Cycle Issues

3 credits
Each stage of life poses a task to be accomplished These tasks appear as a challenge and bring the chance for growth, but also a fear of failure and discomforting disequilibrium. Themes which begin in early childhood - attachment, separation, autonomy, accomplishment anf failure - recur later in the life cycle. Understanding of their beginnings and knowledge of psychosocial developmental theories enables adults to be aware of the resolution of these themes in their own lives, as well as in children's lives. This class meets the research competency.

Note: Students who take HD 300 as an online class must also take HD 302 - Research Seminar  to meet the research competency requirement.