TEP Practicum B: Focus on Learners   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 PO Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ED 321 - TEP Practicum B: Focus on Learners

1 credit
In this class, multiple subject and special education candidates focus collaboratively on the learners as a unit of observation, reflection, and practice. Students select an approved fieldwork site from the list provided by the department, and obtain permission from the site supervisor prior to starting their fieldwork. Students complete at least 25 hours of fieldwork at the site, observing and participating in teaching and learning activities. Students keep a journal for reference during in-class interactions. Students also use this fieldwork setting as a place to practice what they are learning in other courses. Topics in this class include observation methods for teachers; teachers’ own biases and perspectives; children’s varied learning needs and how they are met; how children’s strengths are recognized and built upon; ways of grouping learners and whether tracking occurs; the support of English learners or children with special needs; the close observation and description of one child and his or her learning in this setting; and the observation and descriptions of the learners as a group, and their interactions among themselves and with their teacher. This course is the second of a 3-part fieldwork series, which must be completed in sequence. The whole series meets the fieldwork requirement for the Human Development B.A.
Prerequisite(s): ED 320