Behavior Intervention and Program Planning   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring addendum

SPED 341 - Behavior Intervention and Program Planning

3 Credit(s)
SPED 341 will explore the relationship between teacher behavior, academic tasks, and classroom environment in encouraging student self-esteem, behavior, and achievement. Various models of behavior management will be discussed from a social systems perspective, including: psycho- dynamic, behavioral, environmental, and constructivist. Classroom behaviors will be analyzed in relation to antecedents and consequences of target behaviors as highlighted by a case study approach. Candidates will develop skills in designing whole class management systems, as well as individualized behavior programs (positive behavior support plans), collecting data on target behaviors, identifying of replacement behaviors with specific behavioral goals and objectives, and implementing appropriate reinforcement strategies.  Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and behavior strategies will also be explored.