Immigration Trauma   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring addendum

MFT 680 - Immigration Trauma

2 Credit(s)
The experience of trauma during the immigration process is not uncommon and can result in impaired individual and family functioning. Immigration trauma and the stressors of acculturation can have a cumulative effect on the individual and the family. The experiences of family disruption and family separation, migration violence, undocumented immigration status, political refugee status and human trafficking will be examined in this course. The resulting symptomatology of grief and loss, deportation anxiety, separation and attachment issues, changing family systems, cultural adaptation and the acculturation process will be identified, explored and discussed in this course in regards to assessment issues and clinical treatment strategies. The sociopolitical context of the immigration experience both with immigration documents and without immigration documents will be examined, and the stressors related to the acculturation process will be integrated into the learning within this course. Prerequisite(s): MFT 535 , MFT 671  and MFT 673