Cultural and Linguistic Influences on Chinese Americans   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ED 741 - Cultural and Linguistic Influences on Chinese Americans

3 Credit(s)
In order to prepare the candidates to understand the culture of emphasis as experienced in the country or countries of origin and in the U.S., candidates will learn about the various roles and communication patterns by examining cross-cultural and linguistic equity. Through a culturally informed lens, candidates will learn to communicate effectively with their students and their students' families. Candidates will acknowledge cultural and linguistic differences of students and their families as assets and not deficits (e.g., "funds of knowledge"). This course presents a cultural analysis of the diversity within Chinese/Chinese American students as represented in educational settings through a social justice and anti-bias lens. While this class is conducted in English with the option for students to engage in group activities in Mandarin, fluency and literacy in Mandarin is required. Twenty-five (25) hours of practicum fieldwork experiences in a bilingual/dual language immersion classroom is also required.