Intern Seminar   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ED 703A - Intern Seminar

0 Credit(s)
The Intern Seminar course is a Pass/Fail 0-credit course designed to provide intern candidates on-going support and enrollment in Pacific Oaks College while working as a teacher of record under the Intern Credential. Education Specialist and Multiple Subject candidates who have not completed the credential requirements in their respective credential preparation programs are required to enroll in the 0-unit course until all credential requirements have been completed or until the intern credential has expired, whichever occurs first. If an intern candidate has not completed all credential requirements at the conclusion of the Directed Teaching Intern Courses (ED 701 and ED 702), then candidates are required to enroll in the 0-unit Intern Seminar course each session until the credential requirements have been successfully completed. The Intern Seminar course is for candidates who are full-time teachers in a self-contained classroom and have been issued the Intern Credential for the 2-year approved period. The Intern Credential is a 2-year temporary credential and is nonrenewable. Candidates who do not complete their respective credential requirements within the 2-year time period will not be eligible to continue in the Intern Seminar course. This course will be offered online only. Candidates are expected to participate in any and all discussion boards and any course assignments during each session while enrolled.