Portfolio Development and Assessment   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

GEN 299 - Portfolio Development and Assessment

0 Credit(s)
This course serves as the "laboratory" where students collect, organize, write, document, and show evidence of learning. Up to eight portfolios, addressing the themes represented in GEN 284A  GEN 284B  GEN 285A  GEN 285B  GEN 286A  GEN 286B  GEN 287A  GEN 287B  , are to be submitted in GEN 299. A maximum of 24 units may be earned.


Students are charged a Lab Fee. GEN 299 is allowed to be taken up to 4 consecutive semesters to complete their portfolios. Portfolios will not be accepted for assessment beyond the 4th semester of GEN 299. Students may NOT be enrolled in GEN 299 in the semester prior to expected Graduation Date.




  Prerequisite(s): GEN 289 ; at least half-time concurrent enrollment for duration of GEN 299