Foundation Internship and Seminar IIA   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

SW 540A - Foundation Internship and Seminar IIA

1 Credit(s)
This course is a continuation of the SW520 Foundation Field and seminar course and facilitates student application of classroom learning in a social service agency. Students will demonstrate their practice competency in all nine CSWE areas of social work practice competency. In this internship students will gain a generalist perspective of social work practice, enhance their professional social work skills, and prepare to move into an advanced area of practice concentration. This course prepares students to apply practice theories, models, and ethical principles in a specific social service delivery system. IA will occur in the first 8-week term one and IB will occur in the second 8-week term of the same semester.  Prerequisite(s): SW 520A - Foundation Internship and Seminar IA  and SW 520B - Foundation Internship and Seminar IB