Essentials of Human Resources   [Archived Catalog]
2021-2022 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

OLC 508 - Essentials of Human Resources

3 Credit(s)
As organizations strive to keep abreast of the changing business environment, it has become increasingly more apparent how important human resources (HR) are in the organization's operational planning and development. In this course you will learn about the management of Human Resources through this broad view of human resource principles and essential practices used today and into the future.

The topics for this course include understanding challenges faced by organizations and their HR Practitioners in the 21st century; talent acquisition, recruitment and retention; talent development, including learning and development; performance management; compensation and benefits and other rewards; employee relations; diversity and inclusion; HR technology; and 21st-Century trends in HR. The course materials are designed to give the new or experienced leader and manager a good knowledge of how to leverage the Human Resources to strengthen their organization and their leadership practices.