Advocacy in Action: Fieldwork/Internship   [Archived Catalog]
2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ASJ 667 - Advocacy in Action: Fieldwork/Internship

3.0 Credit(s)
This course serves as the fieldwork course for the MA in Advocacy and Social Justice degree program. Evaluation and analysis of empowerment and advocacy theory serves as a tool as students develop and implement their advocacy work.  The course operates from the Advocate-Researcher-Practitioner lens as students implement and assess their own advocacy work in a domain to impact equity, fairness, justice, inclusion and multi-culturalism. This course lays the foundation for the students Social Impact and Participatory Action Research Masters Project. Content provides strategies for the implementation of tools to recognize the understandable and predictable responses to oppression, subjugation and economic injustice within a variety of sociocultural contexts.  Students will observe, investigate and critically evaluate policies, practices and emergent issues from their fieldwork/internship. Seminar discussions focus on discoveries from evaluations, the investigation of theory for application, problem solving and grappling with cultural and ethical dilemmas. Each student is required to engage in 45 hours of service at an approved fieldwork/internship site during the semester they are enrolled in ASJ 450.