Action Research in ECE I   [Archived Catalog]
2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

ECE 400 - Action Research in ECE I

1 Credit(s)
In this course, students focus collaboratively on the early childhood education setting as a unit of observation, reflection, and practice. Within the context of this course, students will spend 25 hours observing classrooms in a variety of education settings across the early childhood age span (birth - 8 years).  In this introduction to fieldwork, students learn the fundamentals of observation and documentation and will participate in group discussions and self-reflection exercises to integrate their learning experiences.  Students will largely focus their attention on the structure and dynamics of the classroom environment; the organization of routines, procedures, and transitions; the classroom management plan; the schedules for days and weeks; and paraprofessional and parent participation. Students will also begin to recognize and identify the behavior of young children in terms of the developmental and cultural theories, models, and concepts presented throughout the program. By observing children in early childhood education settings, students have an opportunity to practice applying their knowledge and to refine their observation and documentation skills prior to placement in an actual ECE classroom setting. This course is the first of a three-part fieldwork series, which must be completed in sequence. The whole series meets the fieldwork requirement for the bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.