Assessment and Management   [Archived Catalog]
2018-2019 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring Addendum

ED 379 - Assessment and Management

2 Unit(s)
This course focuses on the role of assessment and classroom management in the classroom. Since this course is generally scheduled during the second session of direct teaching, candidates will receive guidance to prepare their portfolio to demonstrate their commitment to teachers' thinking systematically and being responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. This course prepares candidate for TPA, Task #4 Making Content Accessible: Candidate for Teaching Credentials incorporate specific strategies, teaching/instructional activities, procedures and experiences that address state-adopted academic content standards for students in order to provide a balanced and comprehensive curriculum. They use instructional materials to reinforce state-adopted academic content standards for students and they prioritize and sequence essential skills and strategies in a logical, coherent manner relative to students' current manner relative to students' current level of achievement. Upon completion of the course, candidates will have prepared the portfolio entries for the California Common Standards 1-9. Assignments for this course are an Action Research Project, Signature Assignment, Four Lesson Plans, Self-Assessments, and discussions discourse in class as well as on Canvas. Prerequisite(s): ED 378   This course must be taken concurrent with ED 394  OR SPED 392.